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Opportunity Awaits

The thing all of our employees have is a passion for cars. You have to love what you do. Working with like minded people is very rewarding. Each team member really wants the car to be perfect because they realise what a beautiful object it is. They realise the need to do the job properly, that is ultimately what we want, what our customers want and what has helped build our very strong reputation.

Senior mechanic

Track record working with Mercedes, Ferrari or Porsche. Experience working on high value cars, demonstrating attention to detail and ability to solve complex problems and come up with innovative solutions.

Apprentice mechanic

If you are passionate about this line of work, have great attention to detail, good spatial relations, ability to memorise process and are not afraid of hard work, please get in touch. Don’t worry about past experience, it is all about your aptitude and enthusiasm.

Apprentice panel beater

We are always looking for skilled panel beaters and painters. We are especially keen to meet a panel beater experienced in shaping aluminium and steel on an English Wheel etc.