About Us


Cardock Classics are Mercedes restoration specialists, based in Dublin, Ireland. Our entire focus is on quality and originality. We work hard to learn from the experience of restorers who have gone before us, as well as developing our own techniques. We adhere to the the ‘restore where possible, replace if required’ philosophy. Ideally all of our restored cars will be identical to the original artifact that came off the production line. We tend to avoid partial restoration work as this is not the ideal way to approach classic car ownership.

We do not buy cars with a view to doing small repairs and selling them on. This is why you will not see a lot of cars for sale on our site. Most of our cars have undergone approximately 12 months of work and are truly fine examples of the model. From time to time we will do a more minor restoration where the car is good enough condition and the value of the car would not warrant a fully detailed job.

This business is focused on the export market and we see it as our responsibility to overcome the fact that we are an island nation. Therefore we deliver our cars free of charge to anywhere in Europe and will facilitate as best possible international customers.