Mercedes 600 LWB

The Mercedes 600 needs little introduction. A truly fascinating feat of engineering, 20 years ahead of it’s peers. For a little background see wiki here. 600’s cost significantly more than the competition and were a far more advanced and refined car. Only 2,763 600’s were built of which only 428 were long wheel base (Pullman).

This car belonged to Mobuto of Zaire. We believe the mileage to be very low and the car reads 11,263 kmĀ on the clock. Mobutu had several 600’s and they all would have seen very little use. The reason we acquired this car was that it is very original, original paint, very clean shut lines and panel gaps and it is overall an ideal restoration candidate.

Cardock Classics specialise in restoring Mercedes 600’s and we will be restoring this based on advance order.

Price P.O.A.



Mercedes 600 Pullman


Black 040




6.3L V8


180 kW/250 hp

Top Speed